I have always believed the saying, when it rains it pours.  And sometimes, just sometimes, the heavens open up and release an absolute deluge.  If the truth be told, I think the water meter has just been turned on full force for me!

In only a few short days, I am on a single digit count down to my wedding day.  Taking a heavy DIY approach to my wedding has been unquestionably beneficial for my budget, but is taking a toll on my time as a consequence.

As organised as I typically try to be, there is a considerable amount of tasks that require my attention.  Added to that, predictably, activity at work has picked up exponentially, too.  All my spare time seems to have magically disappeared.  So in order to manage all of this effectively – and my sanity! – I unfortunately need to take a short break from this site.   As hard as that will be for me.  And it will be hard.

But come October, after my wonderfully relaxing honeymoon, I will be back.  And naturally, ready to start baking again.  In fact, I will be starved of my favourite past-time by then, so will be raring to go!  Like my pastry adventures during August, I will be dedicating a whole month to a single theme.

And I want you to choose. 

option 1 copyCreamy and crunchy.  Hard and Soft.  A well placed decoration or the all round star of the show.  A month of caramel inspired treats.or copyoption 2 copyDecadent and rich.  Fudgey and whisper light.  Chocolate front and centre or paired with other flavours with success.  A month of chocolate desserts.

Have your vote.  And when I return, I will kick off October with the most popular choice.  Please leave a comment with your selection.  I already have a few ideas of what to bake in each category, but send my way any suggestions or ideas, too!

I hope you enjoy voting.  I am looking forward to seeing your comments and selections.  (I wonder which option will win?!)

Until then, I will miss being able to share my baking adventures, and keeping up to date with all of yours.  But it is only for a short time…and (as I keep telling myself), will pass in a jiffy!