welsh-lady-cakeThe Welsh Lady is a bit of an institution in Brisbane.  This exclusive bakery in Rosalie produces beautifully rich celebration cakes laced with liqueurs, sandwiched with creamy delights, topped with lashings of European chocolate, and decorated like a piece of art.

I have been fortunate to sample a handful of these creations over the years.  Needless to say, all absolutely delicious!  So when I stumbled upon an opportunity to learn to create a wedding cake with Gwen herself, I jumped at the chance.

I enrolled in a class organised through Black Pearl Epicure and eagerly counted down the days.  So eagerly in fact I actually turned up a day early by accident.  (Whoops!)

The class covered many aspects of wedding cake making, from the basic cake to icing selection and decoration.  We worked with a basic mud cake as base and a number of icings such as fresh cream, ganache and meringue.  The cakes were decorated with curls, chards, chocolate collars, and of course, fresh flowers. 

I was allocated the meringue frosting for my cake, and was pleased with the drawcard when Gwen revealed it was the Martha Stewart seven-minute recipe.  I had worked with that particular recipe before and love Martha so the how could I go wrong? 

During the assembly of the cake, baking turned somewhat into carpentry as dowels were sawn down to precise measurements to insert into the cake and provide stability between the layers.  The cake was then covered with ganache, slightly cooled and then the meringue frosting was applied.  The cake was then decorated with simple flowers and greenery.

I managed get my cake home fairly unscathed.  After a few touch ups, I was able to snap off a few photos as a reminder.  The next day, I lugged the (very heavy after carrying for a while!) two-tier cake into the office for all my co-workers to consume.  A brief mention that the cake was created with the assistance of the Welsh Lady, and it was gone in a flash.   Thanks, Gwen!