Celebration Cakes

With lights dimmed, a cake is presented ablaze with candles.   A couple, surrounded by onlookers, eagerly clutch a knife that is towering over a cake.  A dessert table is spread end to end with elegantly decorated cupcakes.   These are celebration moments.  Birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.

Often my first recollection of a celebration is the cake.  (Somehow effortlessly), I remember what cake I created over the years for different birthdays and other occasions.  In my head, I can see the cake and ‘play back’ all the surrounding detail.  What was the event.  Who was there.  Where we were.  What we were doing.  For me, a celebration memory starts and ends with the cake.

This month has been quite a month of celebrations.  To commemorate these birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries, I have decided to put together some of my favourite celebration cakes.  There is nothing quite like a homemade cake to honour a special day.  What ever your flavour of choice – vanilla, chocolate, coffee, lemon, strawberry, caramel – hopefully there is something here for your next celebration. 

LM mini:: Lemon Meringue Cake ::
Simple yet striking.  I have made this cake numerous times.  If the lucky recipient adores zesty, tart sweets, this is for you.  Make sure you demonstrate the final blowtorching in front of a crowd for added effect!

FV mini:: French Vanilla Cupcakes ::
Understated yet complex.  Using the intense flavour of real vanilla bean, coupled with shiny Swiss meringue buttercream, this simple cupcake is revamped from everyday to special.

FCC mini:: Flourless Chocolate Cake ::
Chic and rich.  A more-ish cake to serve with the best thickened cream or homemade ice-cream.  Just the thing for any true chocolate lover.


 DFC mini:: Devil’s Food Cupcakes ::
Light and chocolately.  Ideal as a single serve cupcake or create a multi-layer cake – sandwiched together with lashings of Swiss meringue buttercream or chocolate ganache – for a more impressive presentation.  A true chocolate-on-chocolate experience.

CC mini:: Caramel Cheesecake ::
Stylish and sweet.  A foolproof recipe for baked cheesecake.  Use lashings of gooey caramel to fill the cake or your own flavour combination to make it your own.

W mini:: Wedding Cake ::
Impressive and inspiring.  A basic rich chocolate mud cake with seven minute frosting is transformed from an ordinary cake to a show stopper with simple tiering and an uncomplicated floral decoration.

R mini:: Rainbow Cake ::
Delicate and colourful.  Children will love the multi-coloured layers of surprise inside.  Chocolate.  Strawberry.  Vanilla.  It is like Neapolitan ice-cream, but better.  Light and dainty flavoured sponge cakes are encased in rich chocolate ganache.  Caution – there will be no leftovers.

coffee mini:: Coffee Cupcakes ::
Velvety and robust.  Any coffee lover will be mad for these cupcakes.  Create a layered cake with the same cake batter and frosting recipes.  Top with golden, roasted hazelnuts for an extra treat.

LACL mini:: Chocolate and Lemon Layer Cake ::
Zesty and creamy.  Lemon and chocolate are a refreshingly complementary union of flavours.  The multiple layers is impressive enough for impact, but not so overly sized to be out of place at an intimate gathering.