I am usually the resident baker of the family – and that customarily extends to baking my own birthday cake, too.  But this year, I was in for a treat.

A homemade birthday cake, baked by my mother.

Knowing I love anything chocolate, it was no surprise she prepared a chocolate-on-chocolate indulgence.  And to exhibit (read: show off!) the neatness of her ‘penmanship’, she also meticulously added a few words on top to commemorate the celebration.

I had a wonderful family BBQ for my birthday.  Perfect weather.  Lovely food.  And great company.  Even if I did not manage breakfast in bed (despite my not-so-subtle hints), A. cooked up a storm producing many of my favourite foods…haloumi and strawberry with mint and basil…chorizo and squid…spiced swordfish with fennel.

A birthday is not a birthday without a cake – and decorations!  Here are a few pictures from the day.  Thank you Mum for the lovely cake.  And thank you A. for all the beautiful food! xxx