mornington-3I was recently reminded of my love for strawberries when I made Pavlova a few days ago.  I am blessed to live in a climate that is favourable to the harvest of many fruits and vegetables.  Growing up there were many farms close by, in particular strawberry farms.  I was heralded back to my strawberry youth during a recent visit to Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.  Sunnyridge strawberry farm, is one of a handful “pick-your-own-strawberries” farms in the area.  I picked some beautifully fragrant and sweet berries, and was able to reminisce my childhood for a short time. 

mornington-11Strawberries are one of my favourite fruits, and when I taste them this fresh and untainted, I want to eat them all day every day.  They are so versatile in baking.  Top a Pavlova, sandwich between a sponge, use as a cheesecake filling, serve with shortcakes, use as a garnish to a chocolate tart, feature in an elegant fruit tart, as a filling of a humble pie, or as the flavour of focus in a sorbet. 

Whichever way, strawberries are a beautiful hint of summer.  If you are in the Victoria area, treat yourself to how strawberries should taste.