hit-hats-openMy 8-year-old niece B. was chatting to me last night about toasting marshmallows on a recent camping trip with her family.   Now, I must confess, I do have a weakness for the toasted marshmallow.  Crispy on the outside and soft, warm and gooey on the inside.  Just perfect.

Once we started talking about marshmallows, it was not long until I had visions of rich s’more treats.  Now that is a mouth-watering combination!

With this camping inspiration in mind, it seemed only fitting to bake Hi-hat cupcakes with my niece, B.   So this morning we whipped up a batch.

The result?  A deliciously moist chocolate cupcake covered with fluffy meringue then dipped in glistening chocolate.  There was no Graham cracker in sight but a perfect blend of chocolatey and marshmallowy goodness!


We found the Hi-hats cupcake recipe on the Martha Stewart website – which has been actually taken from the book, Cupcakes.

However, for the cake, we substituted the One-bowl cupcake recipe from the Martha Stewart Baking Handbook.  This recipe really is so versatile.  It is perfect for cupcakes (1/2 recipe made 1 dozen regular sized cupcakes plus ½ dozen mini cupcakes), and works beautifully for layer cakes as well as sheet cakes.  I have used this recipe a multitude of times – it is a great backup.