peppermint-chocolate-cakesThere is something enduringly irresistible about chocolate.  When perusing dessert menus or flicking through baking books, my eye inevitably lingers on any chocolate selection.  This is not to say that other equally delicious flavours never get my attention, it is just that chocolate always seems to dominate.

So for my Christmas baking, I realised I was greatly remiss not to include a chocolate option.  I recalled the cover of Everyday Food (December 2007 edition) featured a delightful looking peppermint chocolate cake.  This memory flash was quite fortuitous as after chocolate, for me, peppermint runs a close second.  It seemed fated that I include this cake in my Christmas baking.

As I always like to produce individual assortments, a variation of this cake was required.  I adapted the original recipe into cupcake-sized portions so they could be individually wrapped.  The batter produced approximately 18 cupcakes.  Baked at 180 C or 350 F, they were done in around 20—25 minutes.

I wanted to top the icing with something festive, such as crushed candy canes, but could not find any in stores.  Never have I remembered a rush on these candies during the holidays, so that was quite disappointing.  Despite that, I hope the pepperminty goodness was well received.