My macaron obsession was tested during a visit to Gérald Mulot at magasin La Glacière in the 13th arrondissement organised through a Meeting the French tour.  Oh, and my obsession was duly confirmed. 

I watched with intense curiosity as head pastry chef Patrick Leclerc demonstrated the making of the macaron.   Patrick has created many of the flavours at Gérald Mulot over the years and there certainly is quite an assortment – vanilla, coffee, chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio, nougat, blackcurrant-cherry, raspberry, lemon, coconut, orange-ginger, passionfruit and caramel.

Patrick made the macarons using the French meringue technique.  He whipped the egg whites, added colour, then folded into the almond/powdered sugar mixture.  They were piped evenly with some assistance to ensure uniformity of size (and speed!).  And to the question of whether or not to let the piped batter sit before baking?…  These macarons went straight into the oven!


If that wasn’t enough, on top of viewing first hand the elusive macaron being made by an expert, I was able to munch on a few delicious offerings at the same time.  I was like a kid in a candy shop (literally!!).